Peach Snapp - Herbal Bath Blend

Peach Snapp - Herbal Bath Blend

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A perfect blend of herbs that allows you to have a therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own home. Peach Snapp helps to relieve stress, soothe a tired body, while also energizing and uplifting your spirit. Powerful herbs used in our bath blend provide antioxidant support, astringent properties that help tone and nourish the Jade Palace, and reduce inflammation. Pink Himalayan Salt is used to remove impurities and hydrate skin. Use Peach Snapp anytime you need a relaxing experience and especially during full moons for intention/spiritual baths. You can also infuse your herbs in tea form and pour infusion into your bath water


How to use Herbal Bath Blend:

Fill herbs in Muslin bag (cream bag)

Run hot water/drop in Muslin bag (water needs to be hot enough to allow herbs to infuse)

Allow herbs to infuse for 10 minutes

Soak in bath for 15-20 minutes

After your bath, allow muslin bag to dry and then discard herbs


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