Elysian Of Herbs

Past, Present and Future

Elysian of Herbs was created in 2018 to provide health and wellness services to individuals who would like to take control of their own health. Our services include the sale of medicinal herbs for each of the 11 organ systems to assist the human body with balance so that it may heal itself. Elysian's provides education to clients on herbalism and the traditional way of healing and preventing disease in the human body.  Elysian's also offers So Peachy for women and Hidden Jims for men, which are herbal and 100% Organic body care products that assist the body in healing externally and internally.

So Peachy and Hidden Jims are herbal body care lines formulated to protect, replenish, and enhance the body. Handmade with high quality herbs, botanical oils, butters, extracts and healing essential oils your body is sure to love these products.

Shawn Billings is an Herb enthusiast who is actively becoming an Herbalist. As a child, Shawn's mother taught her about the process of using herbs for natural healing. Since then, Shawn has had a strong passion for learning more about herbs and their holistic benefits of taking care of our bodies. After years of research she finally launched her dream.

“My ultimate goal is to help myself, my family, and my community. Through education on Herbalism, I would like to help people realize that we have to help ourselves first in order to prevent untimely health issues. I started with body care because honestly it’s the easiest way to get people to incorporate herbs into their daily lives.”